Spine Superspeciality Clinic

Specializes in Endoscopic Discectomy & Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries

Spine Superspeciality Clinic

Specializes in Endoscopic Discectomy & Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries

About Dr. Deepak H G

Dr. Deepak H G is a National Board of Examination, New Delhi-certified Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon. He is one of the few spine surgeons in Karnataka who has specialized in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries and Endoscopic Spine Surgery. After completing his schooling from Shimoga and Alike, he graduated MBBS from Mysore Medical College, Mysore in 2008, MS- Orthopaedics from Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences, Bellary in 2012.

Since 2012 he has worked under many reputed spine surgeons including Dr. Sivakumar, Preethi Hospital, Madurai in his pursuit for excellence in spine surgery. He completed FNB- Spine Surgery in 2016 from the prestigious Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (MIOT), Chennai under the guidance of world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Padmashree awardee P.V.A Mohandas and Dr. C.S. Dhillon, one of the most renowned Spine surgeons of India.

He is a member of the Association of Spine Surgeons of India (ASSI). He worked as a Consultant Spine surgeon for 6 years since 2016 in Nanjappa Hospital, Shimoga helping the needy patients of Shimoga.

Dr. Deepak H G has been trained under Dr. Sathish Chandra Gore, one of the pioneers and founding members of Transforaminal Endoscopy. He has been doing Endoscopic Spine Surgery since 2019.

He is friendly, and approachable with a down-to-earth personality providing compassionate care to help improve pain, mobility and overall quality of life. He explains even complex spine problems in simple language patients can understand. He strives to provide the best care experience for his patients, focusing on conservative care and personalizing operative plans for each patient to achieve their unique goals of surgery and attempting to minimize their complications.

Treatment Plans



Lumbar – Open / Micro / Endoscopic

Cervical – Anterior & Posterior

Spine Decompression

Cervical Laminectomy & Laminoplasty

Lumbar Laminectomy & Laminoplasty

Thoracic Laminectomy

Spine Fixation

C1 – C2 Cervical Posterior Fixation

Occipital Cervical Fixation

Atlantoaxial Fixation

Cervical Lateral Mass Fixation


Thoracic Corpectomy + Stabilization

Thoraco-lumbar Stabilization

Lumbar Surgeries

Spino-pelvic Fixation.

Deformity Corrections


Scoliosis – Adult & Pediatric

Surgery for Osteoporosis

Balloon Kyphoplasty


Cement Augmented Stabilization

Spine Trauma / Spine Tumor

Tumor Excision

Vertebral Biopsy

Decompressive Laminectomies

Spine Stabilization

Spine Infections


Vertebral – Disc

Medical Management

Surgical Management



Transforamial Epidural Steroid Injection

Root Block

Facet Block


Posture Counselling

Physical Exercises for neck & back


Transforamial Epidural Steroid Injection

Whenever a disc herniates it causes two types of pain. The ruptured disc causes back pain and the herniated part causes radicular pain which might be due to
a) Mechanical pressure
b) Nerve inflammation
By injecting steroid around the nerve roots, we attempt to reduce the nerve inflammation.

Back Pain

One of the most prevalent medical conditions in the US is back pain. It might seem either boring and persistent or abrupt and acute. It can sometimes appear quickly as a result of an accident, a fall, or carrying something heavy, or it might appear gradually due to the spine’s aging-related degenerative changes. Back pain can occasionally be brought on by inflammatory diseases or other medical illnesses. 

Neck Pain

Is a pain that occurs by holding the head in one place for a long time, like driving or working on a computer. Neck pain is generally not a symptom of a serious problem. Seek medical attention if neck pain is added with numbness or loss of strength in arms or hands, or have a shooting pain in your shoulder or down your arms.


Dr Deepak is the best spine doctor in Shivamogga. The staff is friendly and helpful.


Dr. Deepak has a friendly manner and has helped with my issue. He’s invested in making you feel better.”


I always had a great experience with Dr. Deepak. He is nice and respectful & listens to your issues.


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